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It is impossible to say how much Simon has brought to our lives. He has been with us through three bereavements, easing and supporting any suffering, dealt with infections, behavioural issues, accidents and day to day ailments, healing, encouraging and being there with his quiet, loving presence. I cannot imagine our  lives without him. 

I've been wanting to tell you that Filou was amazingly relaxed and calm after your last visit. He always seems quite calm and content after a session with you but this time I thought the effect was particularly striking. I hardly recognised my slightly stressed and nervous dog. Thank you so much...

When I met Simon my dog was having bad siezures. The vet was unable to find out what was wrong. After one cure the seisures stopped and slowly she got better. Thank you Simon 


I encountered Craniosacral Therapy when my first son was just two days old. He had endured a difficult ventouse birth and was distressed and unable to feed. As a new parent, I was very frightened. I took him to a Craniosacral Therapist and was astonished to see his distress disappear almost instantly. At the time, I didnt understand how this was possible. Some time later, I realised that these healing techniques were equally as powerful for animals as well as humans.

I went on to train at the Craniosacral Therapy in Education Trust, the Karuna Institue (studying under Franklyn Sills) and the School of Shamanic Homeopathy (under Dr Yubraj Sharma) and the range of animals treated include dogs, cats, chickens, cockerels, rabbits, hamsters, birds, horses and sheep, as well as adults and new born babies.

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